The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the Church. They are elected by the congregation. They manage the administration of the church and execute the decisions made by the congregation, as well as coordinate the different events. Members of the board are elected for a three-year term and their positions are rotated every year. The current Board of Trustees and the positions held are as below.


Position/RoleName of Person
PresidentThe Rev. Shalu T. Mathew
Vice-PresidentMr. Alexander Chandy
SecretaryMr. Thomas J. Paickattu
Jt. SecretaryMr. Shabu J. Itty
TreasurerMr. George David


Mr. John M. David
Mrs. Rosie Thomas
Mrs. Susan Ninan
Mr. Thomas M. Kunjummen
Mr. Gikku W. Jacob
Mr. Thomas Daniel
Mrs. Lincy Philip
Mr. Chris Oommen