"Both young men and maidens, old men and children: let them praise the name of the Lord" Psalm 148: 12.

The choir of CSI Malayalam Congregation of Greater NY was formed in the very young age of the congregation in 1983, when the congregation was settled in Woodhaven, NY. Many talented people from different walks of life contributed to its formation. They were all members of many different parishes in Kerala. By the early 1990's, the choir was formed into its present form with around fifty dedicated members, both young and old. It is commendable that the young generation has taken up the challenge of learning to sing in a language unfamiliar to them. This choir has been an inspiration for many other CSI congregations in USA. May God continue to bless the services of this choir for the glory of His name alone.

Leadership Team
Position/Role Name of Person
President Rev. Gibin Thampy
Choir Master Mr. Jacob John
Organist Mr. Varghese Paul
Asst. Organists Mr. Vibin John, Mr. Sachin Roy
Secretary Mr. Vibin John
Joint- Secretary Mrs. Smitha Mathew
Committee Members: Mr. Thomas J Paickattu
Mr. Jophry Philip
Mr. Shawn Paul
Mrs. Jancy Vengal
Mrs. Leena Ann Mangalath
Regular Program Schedule
Program Name Day of Week
Bible Study Every Wednesday