The GEMS was formed in 2011 with the intent to provide a place for the young adults of the congregation to assemble with others on a similar path. A group that falls between the Youth and Almaya Fellowships, which has its own unique contribution to the Church.

The fellowship had a rebirth in the fall of 2016. Since then we have been meeting together monthly and more recently on a quarterly basis due to the COVID pandemic. Meetings consist of time to have discussions about matters that concern our spiritual growth, ask questions about faith, and time for fellowship.

The members of the GEMS actively participate in the yearly Church activities such as Vacation Bible School, Picnic, and Harvest Festival to name a few. They also provide guidance to the activities of the Youth Fellowship.

GEMS fellowship strives to provide a safe environment for anyone navigating faith to discover who God is and find your God-given purpose together with others on the same journey.