30 May, 2022

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Dearly beloved in Christ,

Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ!

“Sola scriptura, Sola gratia and Sola fide”

October is an important month for Church of South India and in the history of Christianity. In this month, our church is celebrating youth Sunday, inviting our attention to the differently abled people, and the last Sunday we observe as Reformation Sunday.

Today’s Youths are characterized by inquisition and enquiry. They are always curious to search and re-search for those things which concern their life such as new gadgets, new movies, new role models or new apps, or new cars, new packages and so on… which can make their lives more productive and dynamic. The desire to touch, hear, see, taste and experiences are ever growing in this globalized world among the youth. In this context of fast-moving world and ever-changing ideologies, the search for deeper meaning in life is always a concern. But the young people who are oriented into the process of enquiry and inquisition concerned about a meaningful life is a question which needs to be pondered upon. Looking at our young people in our churches, we see that they are entangled between the web of tradition and modernity, spirituality, and secularism as well as individuality and corporeality. They are always at the crossroads looking for a guidance and direction in choosing avenues which can create a better life for them. The month of October invites our attention towards the differently able people also. By observing this Sunday, God reminds us that they are also a special creature of God almighty.

The Protestant Reformation was a broad movement in the sixteenth century at Europe. When the reformers sought to purify the church of unbiblical doctrine and practice, they often spoke of the need to “reform” the church according to God’s word. The famous protestant reformation slogans of Martin Luther “Sola scriptura, Sola gratia and Sola fide”, that is, scripture alone, by grace alone, through faith alone is strengthening us to journeying in this time of uncertainty.

May the lord almighty continue to bless and strengthen you to lead fruitfully on this month of October.

May God bless you all.

Yours in His service

Shalu Achen