The Women's Fellowship has been one of the effective bodies of the Church working towards a meaningful ministry among the women and children. The main aim of the Women’s Fellowship is to unite the women in our church and to help them grow in deeper spiritual life through prayer, Bible study, services and witnessing. The Fellowship does many charities both in the USA and in India using the funds collected through bake sale and voluntary contributions from our members. The first Sunday in March is celebrated as Women’s Fellowship Sunday and the Fellowship members take active role in the worship service on that Sunday.

Leadership Team
Position/Role Name of Person
President Mrs. Dinah Cherian
Vice President Mrs. Shaly Samuel
Secretary: Mrs. Susan Thomas
Joint- Secretary Mrs. Leena Ann Mangalath
Treasurer Mrs. Aleyamma Mathews
Committee Members: Mrs. Annie Joseph
Mrs. Saramma John
Mrs. Rosie Thomas
Mrs. Mariamma Philip
Mrs. Mariamma Kinatukara
Mrs. Jane Chandy
Regular Program Schedule
Program Name Day of Week
Bible Study Every Wednesday